Our Mission

To promote and preserve the Hindu religious and cultural heritage and to strive for inter-religious harmony, understanding, and universal brotherhood among Canadians of all ethnic groups and persuasions.

Upcoming Events

Karva Chauth on Tuesday Oct 18th at the Mandir with first puja sitting at 4:00pm

If you would like to take part in the City of London's Survey, please visit the following Link. Link to Survey

The Board of the Hindu Cultural Centre would like to request the members of our Community to sponsor a Preethi Bhoj in the Mandir, one Sunday out of the 52 weeks. Preethi Bhoj is an integral part of the Sunday Services. It doesn't have to be elaborate, a simple meal would be sufficient. Many of you have taken turns over the years to come and cook in the Mandir. Many of you have also expressed that in spite of being run off your feet, it was quite a rewarding experience of camaraderie and new friendships. Preethi bhoj sponsorsip could be done by one family or a group of families. If you would like to sponsor, please write to hcclondon62@gmail.com and we will guide you with the procedures. Try it once......

Special Events

HCC Diwali Fund Raising Event on October 22nd 2016 at Clarke Road Secondary School. Doors open at 2pm, Program starts at 3pm, Dinner at 5.30pm. Tickets are available to purchase.

Ticket prices - Adult: $30, Student (15&over): $10, under15: free
Contact:(519) 641-6231, (519)641-6474, (519)472-4501 , hcclondon62@gmail.com

Mandir Timings

Monday to Friday: 7AM to 9AM, 7PM to 9PM

Saturday: 7AM to 9AM

Sunday: 10AM to 1PM

See Puja Schedule Page for details

Except Sunday, Monday and Tuesday , the temple timings are subject to change. Please call the Priest before coming to the the temple.

Download Hindu Festivals Calendar